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Stars, stars.. DVD released!
2012. november 14.

Stars, stars.. DVD released!
"Amazing night views of Hungary accompanied by folk melodies."
Our movie shows the night scapes of built and natural beauties of Hungary along with the sky, stars and different heavenly bodies. In the episodes our home countrys landscapes - from Őrség through Budapest to Hortobágy - are in harmony with the Milky Way, celestial constellations, the movements of Sun and Moon. Present-day photographic technology - with the help of timelapse movies and panoramic images - gives an opportunity to interpret the different themes in picturesque views. The last episode, as extra, shows the emblematic locations of the Dolomites, the harmony of its land- and skyscapes. The music composed for the movie was based on Hungarian folk songs. The live instruments - flute, wooden flute and bagpipe - are accompanied by modern sounding.

"I recommend this DVD to anyone who forgot or maybe never even saw how the starry sky looks above our homeland, how the Sun rises or sets, how the full Moon looks like. Put on earphones to get the musics help enjoying the magic moments of the visual experience." - Dr. Árpád Juhász


Price: 10 EUR


info@koviszabolcs.hu or ladanyitamas@chello.hu
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